The Step into your Light journey

Step into your Light’s purpose is to expand joy and light into the world.  The starting point was to provide readings and spiritual coaching sessions.  As a result of these sessions and readings it became clear that there was a need to assist people to believe that abundance is everyone’s birth right, it’s not just for the select few. However, there is a process to work through to raise your vibration for manifestation, acknowledge your fears and give yourself permission to dream big.

The offering then expanded to abundance manifestations kits and abundance readings and abundance coaching. 

Linked to manifestation is the frequency that we vibrate at, that is what determines manifestation (what comes back to you).  Our frequency also determines what we attract back each and every day, it’s a mirror effect and so the energy coaching was born. It shakes up that which no longer serves you, helps you get back into your body and feel more connected.

The space that we frequent, like our homes, cars or offices, also hold energy, as much as we do.  We know instantly when we enjoy a space and likewise when we don’t.  This is where the space clearing kits emerged from. They assist to release stuck, negative or unwanted energy from ourselves and the space we inhabit. 

In 2020, my core focus has evolved to the magical world of crystals. Why crystals? Simply because I love them but also due to the magical energy they hold. I see these magical gifts from Mother Earth as key to our Spiritual Ascension, in unlocking the blueprints and information from the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. This information will assist us to live in fifth dimensional frequencies while inhabiting a physical body. It is my belief that we are fast tracking the evolution to the Golden Age on earth where we can live in unity, connectedness, love and harmony, phasing out the ego existence of competition, greed and fear based actions. Big dreams for sure, but I am joyful to be on this journey with many other souls on their ascension path to fifth dimensional enlightenment. 

The Step into your Light website was born to make these joyful products and services more accessible to everyone wishing to step into their light and live a life of purpose, meaning and joy, on your spiritual journey.

Where to next.... my next exciting project is a range of crystals attuned to higher frequencies. Let the journey unfold.

💎 Crystal Blessings 

🧡 Nicolette 


  • Hi Nikki!
    Where in greenside are your products to view and purchase?

  • Stunning!
    You are an inspiration for our tribe Nikki!
    Thank you.


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