A leap into the unknown space of self employment

ONE YEAR REFLECTION 💎💖 On 1 April 2020, I woke up to my first day out of the Corporate working world.

After 26 years in Corporate Banking, it was a bold step to take, but a step I was ready for (as much as one can be). Simon, my partner left his Corporate job to start his own business on the same day. The day being 1 April, we got a few chuckles around the April Fools timing.

I have realised so many things, this is a little snippet..... Firstly, one path can serve you, until it doesn’t any longer. It’s a choice to keep yourself in the same place or make, what can feel like a big and bold change. A leap into the unknown, with trust in the divine plan.

I also realised that the “security” of a Corporate job is actually an illusion. Practically, I was only ever a month away from being unemployed, or however long the notice period is.

To ignore a calling or passion, to do what you want and what makes your heart sing, for the so called financial security, is easy to look back on and say it’s an easy choice, but at that point in time, it is not.
There is the practical side of how to earn an income from doing what you love and letting go of having a set monthly income. It’s a big shift to make after 26 years.

I was in a blessed position of knowing what I wanted to do and biting at the bit to fully immerse myself in it.
There is the pure bliss of not having to apply for leave, unlimited leave YAH. However, I found myself putting pressure on myself and stressing about not fulfilling orders super fast and being out of commission. It did not stop me and I have done a huge amount of exploring many beautiful Game Reserves in SA.

And then a virus comes along, sending the world into lockdown, a contemplative place to look at through fresh eyes. So all the new norms, now become old norms and I get to recreate all over again.

It has been a joyful year of lots of lessons, blissful moments. I am truly blessed and grateful to be surrounded by magnificent people who have supported me in so many ways 💜

If you feel the calling to do something different, explore it. It’s always amazed me how good we are, at holding ourselves in a place of stuckness.

💗 Nicolette

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