Crystal Grid Boards

Crystal grids ~ You can utilise the sacred geometry patterns in many ways, from creating a mini shrine to placing items on the image for clearing, energising and protecting, to creating crystal grids. Select the crystal grid that you are drawn to, the one that calls you.

How to set up your crystal grid ~

Set your intention ~ When creating the crystal grid, first set your intention, what you wish to achieve, and write it down. Write it as if it has already happened and with gratitude.  

Selecting the crystals ~ choose crystals that best fit your intention, what you wish to achieve. I always like to include rose quartz, as love is the basis for everything. Clear quartz can also be programmed for anything.

Programming your crystals ~ Place the intention paper in your hand, together with the crystals for the grid, close your eyes and envision your intention, feeling the emotions.

Placing your crystals on the grid ~ Place the biggest and most energetically powerful crystal in the centre of the grid. Place the intention paper under the central crystal in the middle of the grid.

You then place your crystals, working in outward layers. You can’t do this wrong, do what feels right for you. The power of the sacred geometry symbol, your intention and the crystals will work it’s magic.

Cleansing your crystals ~ an easy way is to use one of the misting sprays. Give a light spritz over the crystals, at least once a month.

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