Crystal Types ~ Lemurian Quartz

In the age of Lemuria, Lemurians took qualities and energies from the Earth, auras of other planets and universes, as well as from source. They merged this energy, projecting it into the Earth, to form into crystals.

The purpose of the Lemurian Crystals is to light up Earth and assist us with our spiritual ascension journey.  

Lemurian crystals have striations or horizontal etchings on them. You work with these crystals to access information embedded in the crystal, by meditating and connecting with them. When your vibration is at the required level, vast amounts of information will be available to you. 

The Lemurians hold a fifth dimensional and higher energy and are all about healing, drawing love & light from Source. You will feel these erergies of love, unity, community, nature, fun, ease and togetherness in these crystals. 

The vibration ray to Lemuria is white gold, imaging this ray when working with your Lemurian Crystal, will enhance your connection to their energy. 

Those who visit Hollow Earth, will find the keys there as well as some Lemurians who still exist there. As ethereal beings, they can be found doing there healing work in all areas of the Universe. 


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