Channeled message from Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Key Words : Power, clarity, amplification, connection, truth & perspective

Meaning of the Name

Clear Quartz, is also called Rock Crystal or Ice Crystal, from the Greek word "krystallos", meaning "ice", because crystal was believed to be water frozen so hard it could never thaw.

Message from Clear Quartz

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are" is a well known quote, often credited to Anaïs Nin. This quote resonates with the Clear Quartz.  Each person's perception of reality is created from their personal bias, conditioning, experience, pain, desire and thinking. There are many versions of "fact" in the world. These perceptions and facts form the basis of interactions between people, and when people do not agree, this can often lead to conflict, with one person claiming they are right and the other saying they are wrong.

Clear Quartz amplifies the truth and supports the keeper to see through their own and others illusions, prejudices, judgements, beliefs and ideas to reveal new and mysterious possibilities. Truth is about clarity. It is the ability to see something clearly, which means that you may need to admit to any distortions that exist in your current perception.  When the truth is revealed, a multitude of new opportunities opens up. 

"Imagine a key to a secret, hidden doorway. Behind this door, is an infinite supply of support, opportunity and actions to shift and change your life. I, Clear Quartz, hold these keys within me, and when you work with me, I will help you open your eyes, heart, mind and soul to a new perspective."

Every situation that you feel stuck or trapped in, is an opportunity for change and growth. I am like a magnifying glass, where we can look at something with focus and clarity. As we lift the veils of illusion, life becomes infinitely more beautiful.  

Let me reveal the secret passageways and openings to a whole new dimension for you. Together we can connect to the wisdom held within the libraries and halls of all the etheric retreats. Within these places of magic, secrets will be revealed. But only to those that are brave enough to see!

Interesting info about Clear Quartz :

• Quartz is widely used in many electronic devices, such as watches, computers, robotics etc

• Quartz in the form of rock, is used in many building projects because of its strength.

• Quartz is sometimes used in the production of glass

Being’s of Light associated with the crystal : Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Michael and Isis

Sacred Geometry symbols associated with the crystal : Flower of Life, Tree of Life and the Ankh

Elements : Water, Earth, Air and Fire

5D Chakras: All 12 and the Thymus | Higher Heart Chakra

Ascension Rays : Diamond Ray of Purity, Atlantis White Flame of Ascension, Silver Flame of Clarity and Illumination, Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, Emerald Blue Flame of Divine Space, Emerald Green Flame of Divine Expansion & Black Flame of the Sacred Heart.

Connection to Planets (Starseed transmission) : Andromeda, Venus, Pluto, Pleides, Lyra, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Sirius, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Orion, Arcturus & Sun

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