Message from Citrine

Message from Citrine

"I, Citrine, am here to activate FLOW and remove blockages so energy can flow naturally and freely."

Energy connects all beings on Earth. Sentient and non-sentient beings can communicate and interact energetically. Connection creates an opportunity for all to find its way back to harmony and one. The Law of One is a Divine law of finding the relationship between all.  

"I, Citrine, create opportunities for ease and effortless action so that all parts can return to a natural state and interact without stress, friction or resentment."

Wherever something is not easy, there is a blockage. When the physical body is in a state of ease, then it is healthy, whole and strong. The energy flows naturally, and all parts interact harmoniously. When the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body connect and interact as a natural supporting system, then there is peace and harmony and all is in alignment. The Universe can then match this vibration of truth, and abundance flows easily and naturally.

 However, we live in a fragmented world at this point, and there is often a disconnect between the various parts. The tension and separateness create stress, anxiety, fear, competition, scarcity and lack of flow.

"I, Citrine, will help find a way for opposing energies to connect and interact naturally and harmoniously. I identify blockages that interfere with the flow of life.  By activating the Law of Grace and the Law of One, these blockages can heal.  The blockages are often formed through fear and hurt. I will help you remember your light. You are brave and a Divine Being of the Universe, you are one with all, and all is available to you. There is nothing you cannot face or overcome. I will help you remember your light and connect to your truth."

"I am here to heal all separateness and disconnection. Place me in a home to bring harmony and flow in relationships. Place me in workplaces so that there can be common understanding and alignment towards the goals that serve the highest good of all. Place me in the Earth so that I can heal all energy blockages Mother Earth has absorbed over time.”

“I, align with the energy of the sun which is a natural source of light for all, as am I.”

 Interesting info about Citrine

  • Citrine can be made by heat treating Amethyst. The more orange citrine is often indicative of this, especially when it is a geodepiece. The lighter and more clear the citrine is, the more realit is. However, there is a beautiful smokey citrine, which is citrine with smokey quartz and this is a beautiful alchemical crystal to work with.
  • When you are the keeper of a piece of Citrine with a key of timeline, it will help you access the karmic patterns of your soul, your family or your country so that it can be healed and released.
  • Citrine and Smokey Quartz are great partners in creating new pathways.
  • Twin Citrine crystals are valuable for healing disconnect in relationships.
  • Citrine is a powerful healing crystal and natural wands are powerful for psychic surgery to heal auric scars.
  • Citrine is a powerful connector to the Gold Ray of Christ and activates Christ consciousness to balance and bring harmony.
  • Placing a piece of citrine under your pillow will help activate the column of light between all chakras whilst you sleep so that your energy remains connected and does not get fragmented.
  • Meditating or wearing citrine, will keep the flow of energy between chakras aligned. When paired with Selenite it brings in Christ Light and Diamond Light energy.

Meaning of the name Citrine :

Citrine comes from the greek word citron based on its color being similar to that of the fruit on the tree.

Being’s of Light associated with Citrine :

  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Master Helios
  • Archangel Metatron
  • Jesus
  • Archangel Butyalil

Sacred Geometry symbols associated with Citrine : Yin Yang, Metatrons Cube & Tetrahedron

Element : Fire

5D Chakras: Earth Star, Base, Throat, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Crown 

Ascension Rays : Gold Ray of Christ, Bronze flame of Earth Connection, Turquoise Flame of Inspirational Flow & Silver Flame of Clarity and Illumination

Connection to Planet - Starseed transmission : Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Sirius, Arcturus, Sun & Sirius.

Messages channelled by Taryn Sydow, I am LightWalker, March 2020.

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