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Set of 8 Sacred Geometry Mini Crystal Grids (10cm)

Set of 8 Sacred Geometry Mini Crystal Grids (10cm)

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The 10cm sacred geometry grid can be used as a mini grid, a generator garden, to charge your water or any object. 

This set includes 8 mini grids : 

  • 1 x Metatrons Cube (connect to the angelic realm, protection & spiritual wisdom)
  • 1 x White Flame of the Diamond Ray (clearing away all blockages and obstacles to living in a state of oneness and love)
  • 1 x Flower of Life (all purpose grid)
  • 1 x Merkaba (spiritual ascension and manifestation)
  • 1 x 2021 Freedom Mandala (living in Grace & Acceptance)
  • 1 x The Ankh (the breath of life & eternal flow of life)
  • 1 x Sri Yantra (instrument for wealth)
  • 1 x Four Bodies (embracing all parts of yourself ~ wholeness & integration)