Mini Amethyst Ankh ~ key to the Universe, flow & breath of life
Mini Amethyst Ankh ~ key to the Universe, flow & breath of life
Mini Amethyst Ankh ~ key to the Universe, flow & breath of life

Mini Amethyst Ankh ~ key to the Universe, flow & breath of life

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Use as a pendant, on a grid or stand alone use. Serious cuteness overload.

Indicative measurements: 2.5cm height & 3cm width.Price is for one Ankh.

The ankh is the symbol that represents the fifth-dimensional heart centre. It was revered in Atlantean times as a key spiritual symbol. 

“The Ankh is a powerful spiritual symbol connected to the keys of the universe and represents the eternal flow of life and the breath of life. It is the key to finding your spiritual gifts and standing in your authentic power, together with Goddess Isis.” Taryn Sydow 

Intro : Amethyst is the crystal for the 5D Soul Star Chakra. The Soul Star chakra awakens when the soul accepts it is on a spiritual mission on earth. It holds the link to every gift, talent and spiritual achievement through the soul's journey.

Message from Amethyst: As your guide, through the mysteries of the Divine, Amethyst will help you find your path, give you the information you need (when you need it) and protect you by showing you how to use your power.

Amethyst will teach you and show you how to find your talents and gifts so that you can embrace the real power of your Divine purpose and service mission on Earth. Amethyst will help you connect to the light within you and trust your inner guidance. You are never alone, you are more powerful than you know and you have all you need inside you.

Together, co-create a brand new life and experience the magic of a life aligned to Divine Will. Amethyst is the key you seek to unlock the secrets of the Universe in you.”

Read the full Amethyst message in the BLOG section.

Interesting info about Amethyst:

• When you wear amethyst, it can help you to see things from a different perspective as you go through your day.

• You can use amethyst to invoke the cosmic diamond violet flame. This flame helps transmute anything that no longer serves into the light. It is powerful in clearing and releasing stagnant energy and removing attachments and dependencies.

• Placing amethyst under your feet, will help heal addictions.

• Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to use to support souls as they are crossing over. Powerful stone for mediumship.

• Many amethyst crystals carry record keepers. These are small triangles (sometimes indented) on the face of the crystal. When meditating with these record keepers, they access the universal libraries.

Being’s of Light associated with the crystal : Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germain, Merlin, Archangel Melchizidek, Serapis Bey & Commander Ashtar

Sacred Geometry symbols associated with Amethyst  : Dodecahedron, Infinity Symbol, Flower of Life & Ankh

Elements : Fire & Storm | Ether

5D Chakras : Heart, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Third Eye and Crown.

Ascension Rays : Cosmic Diamond Violet Ray, Lilac Fire of Source, Atlantis White Flame of Ascension, Silver Flame of Clarity and Illumination, Emerald Blue Flame of Divine Space, Emerald Green Flame of Divine Expansion & Black Flame of the Sacred Heart