Jade Tumbles ~ abundance, cleansing, protection, positive energy, calm & confidence
Jade Tumbles ~ abundance, cleansing, protection, positive energy, calm & confidence

Jade Tumbles ~ abundance, cleansing, protection, positive energy, calm & confidence

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Nephrite Jade will bring protection, luck and good health. It’s a stone of abundance, and it can improve your circumstances in life, especially your finances. It will help good fortune to flow abundantly and naturally into your life.

Nephrite Jade can help you achieve your financial goals by bringing energies of creativity and resourcefulness. It can assist you in manifesting your dreams into reality.

Nephrite Jade has a clearing energy and also stabilizes the emotions. It helps one realize the reasons behind negative feelings. This in turn allows one to purge and or transform them into positive emotions.

If you’re feeling low and passionless lately, it can be because of the accumulated negative energies in your aura.

Nephrite Jade is a protective stone that will transmute these negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones. It will ward off negative vibrations and cleanse your auric fields of them.

Nephrite Jade will also offer psychic protection, as well as physical protection against illness, harm, or accidents.

This crystal brings a sense of calm, quiet, and stillness that will make you appreciate and enjoy your life more..

Nephrite Jade will enhance your confidence. It helps you see all the things that you can achieve in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

It will also enhance your psychic abilities and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm. 

It’s a stone that’s often used in dream work because it helps you to have lucid dreams. It will improve your past life recall and promote spiritual learning through dreaming.

Nephrite Jade is an excellent healing stone. It is filled with revitalizing energies that can speed up healing or promote good overall health. 

Nephrite Jade’s energies can work on vitalizing and protecting the body from damage. It calms your nervous system and strengthens the immune system. 

Nephrite Jade possesses a clearing energy that will help stabilize your emotions. It will help you deal with your strong emotions in a manner that will not be hurtful to you or the people you love. It promotes unconditional love.

This stone brings courage and boldness. It will give you the confidence to go after what you want in love.

Nephrite Jade is the stone of dreams. It is believed that whatever this stone touches becomes blessed.

It’s also a restorative stone that will cleanse your physical body and clear the toxins that linger in your vibrational fields.

This stone will bring wisdom to new situations that you find yourself in. Nephrite Jade will help you connect to the source of all the great things that you have in your life.