Earth Connection Salt (large) ~ Earthing & connecting to Mother Earth

Earth Connection Salt (large) ~ Earthing & connecting to Mother Earth

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Earth Connection, inviting courage and confidence, for you to be on earth at this time. Feel your Earth Star Chakra connecting and rooting into Mother Earth in all her beauty. Allow for the energy to flow through your body, and feel it shift in a magical and positive way. 

Embracing the essence of Sandalphon and the elemental realm including fairies, goblins and other magical beings.

All ingredients are charged on the Ankh (the breath of life & eternal flow of life) Grid to ninth dimensional frequencies. Alchemised with love and intension.

How to use ~

Take a salt bath to clear your energetic body and relax in the tub, envisaging yourself connecting to Mother Earth and being held in her arms.  

Place in a bowl in a room. The salts absorbs lower level energies and helps you focus when you are feeling foggy, floaty and ungrounded. 

Place in an organza bag under your pillow, especially if you tend to travel in your sleep. Alternately in a bowl next to or under your bed. 

Use in the shower by placing a few scoops in an organza bag and placing the organza bag on the shower head, under the running water.