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Crystal grid, 30cm ~ Sri Yantra (instrument for wealth)
Crystal grid, 30cm ~ Sri Yantra (instrument for wealth)

Crystal grid, 30cm ~ Sri Yantra (instrument for wealth)

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Crystal grids are more powerful than using just a single crystal for an intended goal. Crystal grids are made by the intentional placement of crystals in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing your energy towards a goal. The crystals are then charged by your intention and energy, and magnified by the sacred geometry pattern.

The Sri Yantra is powerful to help you fulfill your dreams.  

Sri Yantra ~ This ancient geometry symbol has strong cosmic powers and the ability to focus your energies and desires to make your wishes come true.  It means, Instrument for Wealth and creates material and spiritual abundance in your life. Sri Yantra has an extraordinary power to fulfill all our wishes and change your life forever. 

A Sri Yantra is a type of mandala with geometric patterns. A mandala is a plan, chart or geometric pattern which represents the metaphysical cosmos of the universe.

This powerful symbol can help you solve all your problems and clear all negativity in your life.  You can achieve a higher level of consciousness and begin to create your own own reality. Using this symbol will bring peace and harmony into your life by clearing your path from all the obstacles. It gives you energies to go beyond your limitations and fears.

This symbol contains energy which picks up particular cosmic waves emitted by the planets and other universal objects. It transforms these waves into positive vibrations which are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Sri Yantra is placed, cleaning all energies of negativity.

Select crystals from the crystal section and have fun creating your grid. Crystals sold separately to the grid.