Crystal Set ~ for abundance & prosperity
Crystal Set ~ for abundance & prosperity

Crystal Set ~ for abundance & prosperity

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The abundance crystals work with your energetic field to help you manifest your dreams.  Your energy affects the level you vibrate at and your vibration determines what you attract into your life.

The set comes in a pouch and includes one of each of the following crystals :

Tigers Eye – financial stability & manifesting material success

Green Aventurine – opportunity, luck and self confidence

Sunstone – for abundance to all needs and desires

Pink Moss Agate – attracting wealth & abundance in all forms

Honey Calcite – clears self limiting patterns

Nephrite Jade – for the flow of good luck and fortune

Citrine – to amplify and manifest your desires

Lapis Lazuli – for infinite possibilities

Uses : Create a dream list / wish list and place it in the bag with the crystals. Use the crystals on an abundance or wealth crystal grid. Carry in your pocket, handbag or laptop bag. Place in a bowl, with your wish list underneath the crystals.

Cleansing your crystals : place your crystals in the light of the full moon or use the deep clearing spray.