Crystal & Alchemy Sound Emersion, private session 2 hours

Crystal & Alchemy Sound Emersion, private session 2 hours

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Introducing the Crystal and Sound Alchemy Emersion, 2 hour session. If you feel like you need some time out, a recalibration, release and some love and light infusions, this is the session for you.

Included is Cacao heart opening medicine, often a personalised crystal grid and messages from your guides, alignment of the 5D chakras and a sound bath using the Citrine Alchemy bowls, Koshi bells and more. Each session will be different, depending on what comes up.

Some of what you can expect :

  • Clearing, realignment and attunement in a safe and loving space
  • Citrine Alchemy Bowl and koshi bells sound therapy 
  • Raise your vibration
  • Alignment with who you are
  • 5D chakra alignment 
  • Deep relaxation
  • Releasing that which no longer serves your highest good and 
  • A personalized crystal grid.

I will facilitate and prepare the session for you. The crystals and your guides will guide and lead the way. No two sessions are exactly the same. 

The session includes a pre and post consultation and healing time on the bed, with crystals and sound. It is recommended that you book on a day where you can relax and integrate in the hours to follow. 

The session may include Unicorns, Lemurians, various  Beings of Light, healing crystals, healing pendulums, smudge tools, sound, touch, scent, essential oils, flower medicine and more. I am divinely guided through the session.

All sessions are held in person at the Crystal Cottage in Greenside, Johannesburg and facilitated by Nicolette. 

Book online and I will send you a WhatsApp to arrange a date and time.

PLEASE NOTE : weekend sessions need to be booked well in advance. You are welcome to contact me, in business hours, to first check availability. WhatsApp Nicolette on 082 602 1088.

“I was very blessed to experience a healing session from Nicolette at the crystal cottage.

I cannot describe the peace, healing and alignment I received through the combination of Nicolette’s loving hands, the energy of the crystals on my body, the enlightenment from the crystal grids created specially for my session and the profound love from being in a room full of crystal energy.

If you are looking for a crystal energy healing session that is customised to what you need right now, then make sure you do yourself the best favour ever and book a session with Nicolette. I am sure you will be delighted.“ Taryn.