Candles ~ Archangel & Ascended Master Range

Select a Being of Light (Archangel or Ascended Master) to work with and invoke their gifts to help you enhance your physical wellness & spiritual awareness and purify your aura and home.

Each candle is made with soy wax, fragrance oils and infused with light energy to work its magic. Allow the aroma and angel light energy to transform your life and make space for miracles.

The candle lid is designed with a sacred geometry symbol, use it as a coaster to infuse the energy of the symbol into your drink and room.

Combine with the corresponding Archangel and Ascended Master misting sprays, oils and crystals for powerful shifts in your vibration, emotional state and overall wellness.

All candles, misting sprays and oils are handcrafted with the intention of love, light and healing and produced in 5D energy.

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