Abundance manifestation kits

Do you have dreams for your life but are not sure on how to manifest what you want?  Do you believe you can have what you want? Do you even dare to dream? The abundance manifestation kit is designed to take you on a powerful journey of dreaming and manifesting these dreams.

Dream big on all aspects of your life including wealth, health, romance, friends, career, travel, adventures to name a few. Go crazy and don’t hold back, dream and dream big. This is about a beautiful journey of reflection around what makes your heart sing and how to live this life of joy with courage and ease.

This abundance kit includes a guide and worksheets, citrine and tigers eye abundance crystals, an abundance candle, abundance oil, salts, a message card, infinity stone & a gift. The kit will work you through the ask, believe and receive universal laws, step by step.

You can always add an abundance reading and coaching session if you enjoy working through the process with a coach.  Refer to the services menu item.

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